What is the difference between Arnica 6x and Arnica 30c?

Arnica 6x is an Anthroposophic medicine and Arnica 30c is a Homeopathic medicine.  

Anthroposophic medicines are often in X potency which means they are prepared through dilution of 1:10 followed by rhythmic shaking. 6x denotes this process has occurred 6 times.

Homeopathic medicines are mostly c potency denoting a dilution of 1:100 followed by vigorous shaking. At 30c this process has occurred 30 times.

 Anthroposophic medicine and Homeopathic medicine have many similarities and also many differences. One thing that is common to both is that they are potentised or dilute forms of the original substance and have been prepared (shaken or succussed) in a specific manner. Both approaches attempt to restore balance or health.

Arnica 6x is commonly used for acute situations where there is pain and is taken frequently.

Arnica 30c may be taken when the emotional or mental symptoms are more obvious and can be taken less frequently.

What if I forget to take my medicines 15 mins before food?

Ideally you take your medicines when your mouth is free of flavours. That is why we recommend that you take them 15 minutes before eating. If you forget to take your medicine before food, take it 15 – 30 minutes after finishing eating.

I have to take more than one remedy. Can I take them all together?

The answer to this is commonly yes. However it is best to clarify, with the Weleda prescriber, beforehand.

Can I take Weleda medicines along with the medicines prescribed by my doctor?

The answer to this is often yes. However it is best to clarify, with the Weleda prescriber, beforehand.