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Medical History
Anything about your medical history that you think is relevant for us to help you.
Is there anything about your medical history that would be helpful for us to know
When was your last fever (high temperature)?
Have you suffered any major accidents or traumatic experiences?
What medications are you taking at present?
What have you tried up until now to help with this problem?
Your Childhood
Were you immunised as a child?
Did anything significant happen to you as a child?
Grandparents/Parents/Siblings - any relevant health information
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Tick the foods you choose to eat.
List any food intolerances you have
List any other digestive disturbances e.g. indigestion
Menstrual Cycle
Details of pregnancies and birthing
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For NZ residents we often recommend other therapies so please give the city or town nearest to you.
Do you wish to make a booking for an in-store consultation with our Anthroposophic Health Practitioner. Fee is $20 for 20minutes. If so please supply a contact phone number.