The Team


Nic Parkes, Dip Pharm, MPS, is the co-owner of Weleda Pharmacy.

Nic's training as a traditional pharmacist over 30 years ago, was a springboard into wider possibilities for health and wellness. In 2013 she completed a Certificate in Holistic Healthcare at Taruna College and then with 6 more years of study received her qualification from the Medical Section of Goetheanum as an Anthroposophic Pharmacist. Other studies include a Certificate in Organic Growing and  training as a Bowen Therapy practitioner. 

Nic is deeply connected with the land. She lives and manages her six hectares of garden and farm including cows, sheep, geese and dogs under permaculture principles and uses biodynamic preparations and methods.  As part of this adventure she has become adept at using homeopathic remedies with animals and pets and also consults with veterinarians prescribing homeopathic and anthroposophic remedies. Nic is happy to share this knowledge with you if you have questions about your own animals or pets health.

Nic believes in a good balance and so divides her week with 4 days working at home, 3 days a week  she comes into town to hone her pharmacy skills with the anthroposophic  pharmacopeia. Nic also offers a pharmacist based consulting service at the pharmacy shop.


Anita Bhikha-Willan-- BPharm, BHSc (CompMed) DipNat, DipHerbMed

Along with her work as a practising pharmacist, Anita is a naturopath, medical herbalist and massage therapist. She worked for Weleda NZ for some years then took time out to start a family and in 2014 started part time for Weleda Pharmacy.

Her extensive pharmacy and integrative medical expertise has led her professional work to focus on preventative medicine as a key consideration to optimal health rather than relying on the more common practice of ‘taking a drug to fix a health problem’ behaviour.

Anita is very interested in helping people learn to manage their own health challenges and with her wide scope of practice can often offer insights that might otherwise be overlooked.

Anita combines her work at the Weleda Pharmacy with seeing private clients in her naturopathic practice. You can find her online at


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