Weleda Pharmacy

In  2011, when I was working part-time in retail pharmacy in Hawkes Bay, the opportunity arose not only to work in but to own a pharmacy specialising in integrated healthcare. Weleda Pharmacy Ltd began in January 2012. It is a new and exciting journey allowing me to work from the heart to help our customers on their own journey to well-being.


Complementary and alternative are terms often used to describe 'non-allopathic' healthcare.


 Our approach at Weleda Pharmacy is based on an integrated holistic view to health and well-being. This also includes, where appropriate, the use of conventional allopathic medicines. We stock a wide range of anthroposophic and homeopathic medicines along with the Healing Herb range of Dr Bach's Flower Essences, a developing range of nutritional supplements and of course, all of Weleda's natural and organic skin care products.


Our unique speciality is producing bespoke homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines that are no longer manufactured by Weleda NZ.


The pharmacy is staffed by registered pharmacists who have extended and grown their scope of practice from mainstream pharmaceutical skills to encompass the herbal and anthroposophic pharmacopeia.By combining training in conventional pharmacy with that of homeopathic and herbal traditions, our pharmacists are able to advise on a wide range of health interventions as well as possible benefits and cautions when using complementary options alongside conventional medicines. We also employ trained Naturopaths who are able to provide an in-depth assessment and recommendations.


For an individualised health consultation you can fill out the Health Questionnaire and our team will assist you in your endeavours toward health and well-being.


Nic Parkes

Managing Director

Weleda Pharmacy Ltd