"We may consider it one of the great, universal insights given to us by Goethe that disease, pathology, should not be ascribed to something from outside, but must be seen and understood from within, from the viewpoint of what is absolutely healthy and normal. The forces and causes, the archetypal possibilities for all abnormality, all disease, must be looked for in the normal. A healthy organism is in balance with itself, with all the many different forces and impulses that make it up, differentiate it, and harmoniously combine all parts into a whole. In consequence it will also be in balance with the environment surrounding it."    W. Pelikan


The stimulation of self-healing (salutogenesis) in a human being via anthroposophic medicinal products is a guiding principle of anthroposophic medicine in overcoming illness and disease.

Anthroposophic medicinal products are conceived, developed and produced in accordance with the anthroposophic knowledge of man, nature, substance and pharmaceutical processing. The starting materials come from minerals, plants and animal substances. The process by which they are developed, and produced reflects the relationship between human beings and the realms of minerals, plants and animals.

To understand this interrelationship and its implications for health and well-being, imbalance or illness, a thorough understanding and knowledge of anatomy, biology, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, as well as botany, mineralogy and pharmaceutical processes is essential. The application of the medicinal products within anthroposophic medicine is the result of that knowledge. Therefore a fruitful work between doctors and pharmacists is mandatory when conceiving new medicinal products.


If you are would like advice on benefits and cautions of taking complementary options alongside your conventional medicines please ask our pharmacist.  


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