These pages list the  medicines available online from Weleda Pharmacy. This includes anthroposophic medicines and homeopathic remedies made to order by us, and products from the anthroposophic companies such as Weleda, WALA, Abnoba, Iscador AG, and Birken. If a product is showing as out of stock, or you cannot find it on the site,  contact us for more information.

If you would like advice on benefits and cautions of taking complementary options alongside your conventional medicines please ask our pharmacist.  

Ampoules (Amps) - To ensure best practice all ampoules must be prescribed by an authorised practitioner operating in a therapeutic environment. This means a formal consultation has taken place, thorough case notes taken and patient records maintained. Practitioners must be qualified to prescribe anthroposophic medicines, registered with a professional association and practising in a private, consultative environment.  If you have not ordered these from us before and are unsure of the procedure please contact us for more information before ordering.

Do you have a Prescription? Many medicines can be purchased without a prescription but your practitioner may have given you a prescription because they have specific instructions for use that differ to the general label directions. These products you will find in the general listings. If you have a repeat on a prescription please order the medicine and add the prescription number (found on the label) in the special information box at the checkout.

Prescription Only Medicines are legally restricted and are available to New Zealand customers only on a prescription from their prescribing health professional.

NZ Pharmacies and practitioners - Order forms and directions for obtaining medicines are found at the bottom of the page.

Please click on the links below for further information and to order products.