Off on a trip?

In this section we have listed some products that you may find helpful to keep you in good health or for those 'situations' that arise and you are in an unfamiliar place. It always pays to "Be Prepared".


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Travel Health
Description Info Price (inc.GST) Availability Order Qty
Arnica Pilules 4x, 30g View Details for 49ARNICA-G $ 20.90 Available  Add to Cart
Aurum 12x/Cardiodoron, 30ml View Details for 50AURCAR-G $ 19.90 Available  Add to Cart
Clinicians MultiFlora Digest, 30 Capsules View Details for 95CLMULTIFLORA30 $ 33.70 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Clinicians Vitamin C Powder Hi-Dose, 150g View Details for 95CLVITCHI150 $ 37.70 Available  Add to Cart
Clinicians Vitamin C Powder Hi-Dose, 75g View Details for 95CLVITCHI75 $ 17.40 Low Stock  Add to Cart
First Aid Pack View Details for 95PACKFA $ 0.00 Available  Add to Cart
Nordic Probiotic Gummies KIDS, 60 View Details for 95NNPROBGUM-60 $ 38.65 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Pure South Suncreem, 100g View Details for 95PSSUNS-M $ 34.75 No stock  Add to Cart
Skin Food Lip Balm, 8ml View Details for 64SKIFOOLB $ 11.12 Available  Add to Cart
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