Prescription Only Medicines

Prescription Only Medicines can only be supplied on the prescription of a New Zealand registered prescriber for a patient under their care.
  1. Fax the prescription to 06 877 3128 or scan/high resolution photo and email to Include your telephone number.
  2. Order online
  3. Post the original prescription to Weleda Pharmacy Ltd, PO Box 8132, Havelock North 4157. Include your telephone number
  4. Once we receive the original prescription we can complete the dispensing procedure and will courier (Signature required)  your order to you.
  5. Prescription Only Medicines will only be sent to a New Zealand address.
  6. N.B. Prescription orders will be cancelled if the original prescription has not been received within 7 working days of placing the online order.
Alternatively you may ask the prescriber to fax the prescription to 06 877 3128. They must then post it to us, within 72 hours, to Weleda Pharmacy Ltd, PO Box 8132, Havelock North 4157
Repeat prescription ( Refills)
  • Your current supply will have a notice on the label which reads: "Repeats before ...."
  • You can order online. You must include the prescription number  from the Pharmacy label (located on the bottom left of the  label before the date) at the checkout.
  • Or - requests can be made by emailing us . Please include the prescription number found on the label and your contact phone number. Or phone us on  0800 799 353

Out of Stocks

If the product you are looking for is listed as 'Out of Stock' please contact us for more information, an alternative, or to request us to order imported items for you.

Or, if you are a New Zealand doctor ordering on a PSO through your account, add a note at checkout for us to order.  

Prescription Only Medicines
Description Info Price (inc.GST) Availability Order Qty
Antimonit 0.4 % Ointment, 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63ANTIMO-F $ 20.10 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Arnica comp/ Formica Oint, 70g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63ARNFOR-L $ 61.40 No stock  Add to Cart
Aurum/Apis regina comp, 10 Amp (POM) (WALA) View Details for 43AURUAPREC-A $ 57.00 No stock  Add to Cart
Bismutum / Stibium Ointment, 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63BISSTI-F $ 21.50 Available  Add to Cart
Calendula/Stibium Ointment, 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63CALSTI-F $ 29.50 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Carbo Betulae comp, 20 Capsules (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63BIRKEN-E $ 23.90 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Cichorium/Pancreas comp, 10 Amp(POM) (WALA) View Details for 43CICHPANC $ 57.00 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Cinnabar Comp., 20g (POM) View Details for 63CINCOM-E $ 39.90 Available  Add to Cart
Colchicum comp Pilules, 20g (POM) View Details for 41COLCOM-E $ 32.70 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Conium Mac 5% Ointment, 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63CONMA5-F $ 45.90 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Ignatia comp, 10 Amp(POM) (WALA) View Details for 43IGNATCP $ 57.00 No stock  Add to Cart
Mandragora 5% Ointment 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63MAND5%-F $ 34.40 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Mercurialis comp Ointment, 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63MERCOM-F $ 21.23 Available  Add to Cart
Mercurius Cyanatus 4X, 30ml (POM) (WPL) View Details for 22MERCY4-G $ 26.50 Available  Add to Cart
Oleum Strophanthe forte 100 Capsules(POM) (WEL) View Details for 63OLSTRF-M $ 61.80 Available  Add to Cart
Pertudoron 1 , 20ml (POM) View Details for 63PERTU1-E $ 29.90 Available  Add to Cart
Phosphor 0.1% Oil, 10ml (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63PHOSPH-C $ 61.80 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Plumbum met. 0.4% Ointment, 25g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63PLUM.4-F $ 55.20 Low Stock  Add to Cart
Pulvis Stomachicus cum Belladonna, 50g (POM) (WEL) View Details for 63PULVST-J $ 51.50 Available  Add to Cart
Rauwolfia serpentina, decoct. (1X) MT, 100ml (POM) View Details for 20RAUWOL-M $ 85.00 Available  Add to Cart
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