Prescription Only Medicines

Prescription Only Medicines can only be supplied on the prescription of a New Zealand registered prescriber for a patient under their care.
  1. Ask your practitioner to send the prescription directly to
  2. Order online - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Contact us with your payment details or to request a price for internet bank payment.
  3. Prescription Only Medicines will only be sent to a New Zealand address.
  4. NOTE: We will only dispense the prescription supplied directly to us by your practitioner. 
Repeat prescription ( Refills)
  • Repeats are valid for 6 months from the time of first dispensing.
  • Repeats are paid for at the time of ordering. The medicines are not subsidised so you pay as you order.
  • Your current supply will have a notice on the label which reads: "Repeats before ...."
  • You can order online. You must include the prescription number  from the Pharmacy label (located on the bottom left of the  label before the date) at the checkout.
  • Or - requests can be made by emailing us . Please include the prescription number found on the label and your contact phone number. Or phone us on  06 872 8725

Out of Stocks

If the product you are looking for is listed as 'Out of Stock' please contact us for more information, an alternative, or to request us to order imported items for you.

Or, if you are a New Zealand doctor ordering on a PSO through your account, add a note at checkout for us to order.  

Prescription Only Medicines
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