Description  Bryonia 3x / Ferrum Phos. 8x, 30ml
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 Product Info Chesty cough. A homoeopathic complex to relieve bronchial and chesty coughs, especially for use in children. If the cough persists, consult your practitioner. Rationale: Bryonia: acts on the mucous membranes of the head and chest where it helps control fluid build-up. It also helps alleviate pain in aching muscles. Ferrum Phos: relieves congestion in the lungs and painful tickling coughs with sore chests. Also helps to regulate fever and to stop nasal fluid build-up.
Contains equal parts of: Bryonia 3x; Ferrum phosphoricum 8x; in water/ethanol base.
Take 5 drops (child under 7 years), 10 drops (7 to 14 years) or 15 drops (adult) every two hours. As symptoms improve reduce dosage to 3 times daily. Or as directed by your health care professional.